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Inbound logistics can expend more than 40% of an organization's annual freight budget.* At Echo, we offer custom inbound freight strategies designed to reduce costs, as well as increase visibility, efficiency, and productivity. Inbound Freight Inbound Freight To learn more about how we manage inbound freight, contact an Echo representative today. Simplified Solutions for Inbound Freight Management © Echo Global Logistics. All rights reserved. 290720 800.354.7993 | Visibility • Identifying a shipment's status is a time-consuming process as it often requires transportation managers to manually search through multiple sources to find all shipment details. • Lack of reliable, easily accessible, and real-time shipment information can lead to excess inventory, sales obstacles, and changes in supply chain performance. At Echo, we know that issues with your inbound shipping can have rippling effects on your business. Trust our team of experts to optimize your inbound freight management with the best strategies to meet your specific needs. Echo's Inbound Freight Management Solution Offers Significant Benefits to Your Business • Superior inventory management • Reduced carrying costs • Improved on-time deliveries • Efficient receiving resulting in less handling and damage • Increased customer satisfaction Challenges in Your Inbound Freight Can Impact Your Entire Supply Chain Control • While most companies have guidelines specifying how suppliers should ship product to them, many cannot control if these instructions are followed, which can lead to additional freight expenses for the company. • Once the supplier sends out the shipment, there is no option to make any changes to the shipment even if an adjustment could save time and money. Transparency • To analyze inbound freight cost data in detail and find ways to reduce costs, a company must manually sort through paperwork, check multiple carrier portals, and compile the information in several ways. • Because of the tedious nature of these processes, many companies do not have the resources to examine inbound shipping costs, which causes them to spend more money than necessary. *Source: Aberdeen Group

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