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Echo Client Representative Goes Above and Beyond to Help Food Banks Handle Donations

Echo Client Representative Goes Above and Beyond to Help Food Banks Handle Donations

Katy Symanietz, a national sales representative in Echo Global Logistics’ client sales department, first began organizing loads for food banks when she joined the Echo team two years ago.

At the time, Katy was managing solutions for a variety of clients, keeping shipments moving for multiple businesses under her purview. Occasionally, on a good week, Katy helped the Midwest Food Bank handle one or two loads. Now, through her established relationships and mutual trust with procurement managers, Katy helps other organizations as well, increasing her current volume to around half a dozen loads per week on behalf of Midwest Food Bank.

“Communication is essential to ensure pick-ups are on time and each load is on schedule,” Katy said. "It's really important work that every individual plays in this process. The food donors take time out of their busy days to work with the food banks, and it's my job to make sure everything runs smoothly so these critical shipments can support those in need. It's very rewarding to be a part of.”

Each shipment consists entirely of donated food. With Echo’s help in simplifying the transportation aspect of shipping, Katy has been able to help more and more food banks move loads across the country to various distributions centers where food banks can work with vendors such as schools, community groups, and nonprofits to give the products to people with limited access. Katy credits the increase in shipment volume with Echo's exceptional service and ability to make such a complex and time-consuming process simple.

Since most of these shipments involve perishable foods, Katy leverages Echo’s temperature-controlled solution for many of these deliveries. Echo combines temperature-controlled technology with nationwide, non-stop service to transport goods in a timely manner while maintaining superior shipment quality. Additionally, as a temperature-controlled specialist, Echo brings to the table flexibility and extensive experience with Must Arrive By Dates (MABD) and Required Arrival Dates (RAD). Echo preserves each shipment by ensuring food and grocery products arrive on time and maintain the correct temperature throughout every stage of the shipment process.

With Katy’s dedicated support, this process becomes a reality. Her ability to balance the management of various food bank accounts while navigating the hurdles of communicating with all involved parties exemplifies Echo’s core values of Work Hard and Hustle and Better is the Only Option.

“Katy continually navigates the difficult task of managing all the aspects of these accounts with enthusiasm and commitment,” said Brian Berk, SVP of Client Sales at Echo. “For shipments with lots of moving pieces, without constant diligence and attention, loads run the risk of hitting an obstacle. Echo’s ability to help organizations such as food banks handle donations like this takes consistent support and reliability."

Echo is proud of our committed and deeply involved team for everything they do to keep supply chains and nationwide transportation moving. Their expertise, combined with our advanced technology, which allows clients and carriers to access critical transportation information and manage shipments easily, is a testament to the power of teamwork and innovation. For more information on how Echo can help you find a load or book a shipment, reach out to our team at today.

Sean Burke Wed, 10/25/2023 - 09:00